const ecc = require('tiny-secp256k1')
const { BIP32Factory } = require('bip32')
// You could wrap a tiny-secp256k1 appropriate implementation
const bip32 = BIP32Factory(ecc)

const node = bip32.fromBase58('xprv9s21ZrQH143K3QTDL4LXw2F7HEK3wJUD2nW2nRk4stbPy6cq3jPPqjiChkVvvNKmPGJxWUtg6LnF5kejMRNNU3TGtRBeJgk33yuGBxrMPHi')

const baby = node.derivePath('m/0/0')

after making an attempt a number of methods…. appears prefer it doesn@t work on react these node modules

they work on command line however not on react

many errors given

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